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    Mensagem por Ragna The Bloodedge em Ter Jan 08, 2013 1:41 am

    AG: Bonjour, mon ami.
    FN: aw hell no
    FN: wat the fak do u want now
    AG: Oh, it's nothing! Just wanted to see what you were doing.
    AG: What are you doing.
    FN: just talkin to this alien kid
    FN: hes so danm stupd like holy shit dd
    FN: can u blv that he hats bball
    FN: thats the fuckin best sport eva im prety damn sure
    AG: Tu sais that not everyone has the same interests as you, non?
    AG: You know, this makes me think that your blood really suits you.
    FN: godamit
    FN: yea u has a stylish blod but who the fuk cares
    FN: just lemme talk 2 this freakin douche here and we can speak
    AG: Ok, ok. Do what you want. Just remember that this kid is not who we are looking for.
    AG: Mon dieu.
    AG: This kid's hair.
    FN: wut
    AG: It is very short. Does he even wash it? I don't think he took a bath for a very long time.
    AG: Who can even live with this? Hair is the most important thing in a person.
    AG: In my opinion, of course. Can you give him some tips about this subjetct? I'm preety sure you won't, but it's worth a try.
    FN: wtf
    FN: godamit r u atracted to his freakin hair
    FN: im so done with u
    FN: no w8
    FN: im always done with u
    FN: like holy shit this is bs how many freakin times do u has 2 continue with yo stupid style obsesion man thats just hair
    FN: freakin
    FN: h
    FN: a
    FN: i
    AG: Ugh. You lowbloods are insignificant.
    FN: r
    FN: godamit
    FN: just leave me fuckin alone pls
    AG: I just want you to be more stylish. Like... Merde, I promise you something.
    FN: no u dont
    AG: One day I swear I'll make you use a 100% clean suit.
    AG: I promise.
    FN: k cool story bro
    AG: And I'll fix your hair too.
    AG: I promised this to myself for a preety long time.
    FN: k now ur soundin rly creepy
    FN: go anoy snipes or somethin like dat

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